360 Training Real Estate Review 2021 Plans & Pricing

Online safety training could even be a really competitive industry today, with many companies offering services online. If you were trying to hunt out the right company specializing in safety training for your business, then you’ve probably already encounter 360training reviews.

360training offers a variety of accredited programs and regulatory approved training courses during a kind of industries.

Here we provide you a comprehensive 360training.com review including:

Training and courses overview
Plans and pricing details
Platform usability
Pros and cons
User reviews

Key Platform Details

One of the only things about using this platform is that no matter whether you’re trying to hunt out a comprehensive program to help further your career or a comprehensive solution to integrate training into your business, 360training offers an array of coaching courses.

Variety of Courses

Courses that are available at 360training are often employed by students, business owners, and educators who plan to seek out certification in various fields of study.

Right now, the service provider is offering up to 6,000 courses via their platform, which consists of both regulated and non-regulated courses that are focused on career development.

According to verified 360training course reviews, it is the one-stop-shop for all types of in-demand career development courses that are highly rated by professionals.

Self-Paced Courses

We sleep in a fast-paced world and many execs do not have the time to regularly dedicate a hard and fast portion of their day to wish a web course.

With 360training, users get to wish the entire advantage of the convenient “click and train” quite doing a course.

This method of coaching gives professionals or students who might feel stressed for a time the prospect to update their skills and increase their knowledge at their own pace.

User-Friendly Training Methods

In order to make it more convenient for folks that want to wish an area in their courses, 360training incorporates extremely user-friendly training methods.

Each of their courses consists of PowerPoint presentations and other easy-to-understand training material, which makes learning through their platform an absolutely delightful experience.

Short and Relevant Courses

One of the foremost benefits of using this platform, according to the reviews by 360training students, is that everyone among the courses is meant to be just around half-hour or slightly longer.

this is often quite enough time to urge the knowledge you would like without wasting an excessive amount of a while.

The short and concise courses are appreciated by students and professionals alike. The courses are chock-full of valuable, relevant, and frequently updated information.

About 360training.com

Since 1997, 360training has been the leading provider of online training for people and organizations. we offer over 6,000 regulated and non-regulated courses for your career development.

As a one-stop-shop for all of your on-demand and classroom career development learning, it’s no wonder why 360training has over 4 million learners in 67 countries.

Our staff of 200+ employees is organized into industry-focused teams with core domain knowledge within the areas of instructional design, multimedia engineering, information technology, customer support, content development, environmental health and safety, food and beverage, land, human resources, insurance, and fear of more.

Highest Pass Rating – Of all the online land license courses I researched, land Express had absolutely the simplest pass rating of all of them. It isn’t uncommon for online land license courses to possess a pass rate of fifty or less.

360 Training
land Express features a 68% student pass rate, which is actually excellent for the industry. For comparison, Kaplan had a 67% pass rate, and Career Web School, another course I wont to be considered, had a 64% pass rate.

Price – While most of the foremost online land license course prices are about the same, I went with a way better plan at land Express that included textbook formats of all the online material.

Sometimes I prefer better to review employing an honest quaint book that I can actually highlight and take notes in.

Check out this article which shares the most recent deals and offers on 360 Training.

I usually used books alongside my online training. After all, was said and done, land Express ended up being the cheaper option albeit they have a way better student pass rate. I might wish to be almost sold at that point.

Pros & Cons


Good career preparation, Hands-on training

Flexible class hours, Good teachers, Affordable, Helpful career services, Good career preparation

No hidden charges

Modern user-friendly interface

Refund within 72 hours from purchase


Not BBB accredited

No discounts available

Lacks centralized management of digital badges

Minute display errors on Android and Apple devices

How Does land Work?

360Training.com’s goal is to use an “integrated technology, content, and repair strategy” that helps professionals manage and track their career goals by attending classes that certify and meet the company’s needs.

Currently, things indicate that they collaborate with quite 1,500 e-learning partners who have trained quite three million users worldwide and use the foremost comprehensive e-learning technology employed by universities, schools, and businesses.

Potential students can visit their website and can choose the precise course they need, and list a selection of their hottest options, like Medical Transcription, Ethics & Fraud, OSHA 10 Dissemination, and 30, Responsible Food Safety Training with exams.

Want to rearrange for GRE? inspect the entire comparison article on Kaplan vs Princeton Review GRE and know which one is that the sole one for you.

Why Do I prefer better to recommend 360Training Courses?

With 360Training’s diverse teaching methods, students with different learning styles can find a real estate course that matches their needs, schedule, and budget.

For example, if you would like flexibility, you’ll choose a web video or text-based course, relying on what quite content delivery is most appealing to you.

People who personally learn best can take physics lessons if they live near a 360-degree campus. There are quite 50 training locations (360 courses) throughout the country.

With the 360 Training exam preparation tools, students can easily access their state license exams if they feel well prepared and safe.

All courses are amid an interactive bank of varied practical questions that help students see what they already know and what they need for further learning.

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