How to Remove the Background of a Picture 2021?

Removing background from an image can be really a tricky task if the image you have got is complex. By the complex word, I meant if the image has got lots of hair or has some tricky shapes and structure.

These kinda tricky images are sometimes really hard to deal with. Especially when you want to remove or change the background of it!!

If you also have given a try to remove image background and got failed in doing that, then probably the guide on how to remove the background of a picture can benefit you.

In order to change the background of the photo, it is required for you to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop software. If you have so, it won’t take much of your effort to remove the background from an image.

And in case, if you are not a Photoshop user, then also you can change the background of the image but you may have to compromise with the quality.

In today’s guide i.e how to remove background, we will walk you through some basic tools and websites, that will help you to remove the background of the images.

How to Remove the Background of a Picture:

Below, I will let you know removing a background of a picture in Photoshop with step by step guide.

Along with that, we will discuss some additional tools and website that offers removing background without dropping the quality.

Let’s begin the guide and see how can we remove the background of a picture in Photoshop.

Step 1: First of all, select the image you want to change the background of. Once you have decided on the picture, open it up in Photoshop software.

Step 2: After the image is opened in Photoshop, select the selection tool. However, there are various tools you can use, but for the beginner, the Magic Wand Tool and the Quick Selection tools are the best fit to use.

Remove the Background of a Picture

Moreover, the lasso tool and polygonal lasso tool are good to use, But to handle that, it will require some expertise.

Step 3: Now to select the background of the image, pick the Quick Selection tool. This is to highlight the area of the image we want to remove.

Step 4: After that, select the background(by clicking and dragging over it) of the image you wish to remove.

In case, you have accidentally selected the wrong area or part of the image; you can press and hold the alt key on your keyboard to make the selection reverse.

Afterward, you can continue the selection part. But don’t forget to press the shift key before proceeding to the selection.

If you are not comfortable with the Quick Selection tool, you can try the Magic Wand Tool as well. Remember magic wand tool works well for the even place.

And if you think that even the magic wand tool is not sufficient or is not accurate enough, you can try the lasso tool as well.

Step 5: Ok now once the selection is done, or when you’re about to finish and have drawn the line all the way around your subject, you can double click to turn it into a selection or click on the very first point(beginning point) you made when you see a little circle appear next to your cursor.

As sooner you click on the little circle the whole area would turn into the selection. If you have done the selection part with the help of Quick Selection or Magic Wand tools, you will need to Select inverse’ by right-clicking on the selection.

Step 6: After the selection is done, you can either cut the selected image directly or click on the Add Layer Mask’ from the layer panel. As sooner you click on the add layer mask, you’ll see instantly that the background is gone.

layer mask

Step 7: Now after cutting the image, you have two options to follow. Either paste it into the new file. To open a new file, go to File> New Or, paste it on the existing file you want to keep the background of.

Step 8: But before following step 7, make sure to adjust the mask until you’re happy with the look you’ve achieved. Until you remove the edges or give some feather effects, the image won’t look natural.

Step 9: Ok, what next?? Well, after you are done with the image effects it’s time to place and adjust the picture on the new image. As I said above, select the image with a background you would like to paste your image on.

Step 10: That’s it!! Now all you need to do is, adjust the image as per your need and the demand. Remember the quality of the image completely depends on the selection of the images.

Always try selecting the picture that fits well in the background. This is how only you can change the background of the image that would look natural.

Making you know the procedure of changing the background of the image was our responsibility. After that, how you are implementing is up to you and your creativity. With the last

With the last step, I am quite sure you won’t wonder anymore regarding how to remove the background of a picture.

However, I have just shared the basic steps, but once you will follow the guide, you would be able to change the background without any trouble.

The method I described above is one of the most common methods to remove the background of the images.

For a non-photoshop user, there are still various ways to remove the background of images. Like there are some online tools that allow you to remove or change the background of the image.

One of the ways is to use online websites., luna pic are websites that allow removing the background of the images for free.

These websites cost nothing. If you are not comfortable with Photoshop, you can try these websites as well.

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