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Unicorn Smasher Logo IconFirst of all, Unicorn Smasher has the cutest logo! ++ for that. And it’s entirely totally free. The catch is they obtain your e-mail address in exchange. But that’s a little cost to pay, to have a cost-free device.

JungleScout vs. Unicorn Smasher


After opening a search page on Amazon, you’ll be able to assess the number of sales each product is attracting. Very interesting insight, when judging how lively is the product you are looking at.

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Helium 10 Xray Icon A wonderful fascinating number they show is Review Velocity. It suggests the number of new reviews was published in the last 30 days on the item. Really fascinating understanding, when judging just how dynamic is the item you are looking at.

You will get assistance with other critical elements of your business that are equally important – whether you are looking to run ad campaigns to improve your product’s visibility or are looking for a way to prevent people from hijacking your listings.

One thing you might notice is that Jungle Scout will only feature ideas from items that are already being sold on Amazon. You’re essentially stuck with Amazon’s oversaturated product options with minimal profit margins.

JungleScout may not be the right device for every person as some of us have special deman ds that Jungle Scout can’t supply us.

SellerApp vs Jungle Scout – A Pricing Overview

Whether you are starting your business on Amazon or are seeking to take your revenues to the next level, our strategies have got you covered. You can try this Jungle Scout totally free option for 7 days and see exactly how powerful it is for your service.

Jungle Scout is a terrific device to do your market research and finding the best products to sell on Amazon.

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Are you trying to find Jungle Precursor Different in 2020?

With SellerApp, you will be able to do a whole lot greater than just item research and keyword research study.

You will obtain aid with various other important components of your service that are similarly vital – whether you are seeking to run ad campaigns to improve your item’s visibility or are seeking a means to stop individuals from pirating your listings. Our devices have actually been produced specifically to assist you to master every action of the method.

Helium 10 Xray IconYou can arrange the columns, yet you can not set your own filter requirements like in Jungle scout. I can accomplish the very same if I just export to CSV and also do my filtering in there. That’s an extra action that would be nice not to do.

Jungle Scout Drawbacks

One point you may observe is that Jungle Scout will only feature concepts from products that are currently being sold on Amazon. Because of this, you could not be able to generate something special past the site. You’re essentially stuck with Amazon’s oversaturated product alternatives with very little revenue margins.

Bloggersideas have shared the top Jungle Scout Alternatives with both free and paid options. Go check it out.

The precision of its sales price quote is suspicious. I’ve picked up errors on a few events, a few of which missed the mark by a substantial margin (it wasn’t the cash cow I expected). Consequently, I was forced to change my strategy by changing to its product tracker to identify the accurate sales volume.


As all of us know that there is always some pros and cons related to any kind of device the very same below when it comes to Jungle Scout.

Unicorn Smasher Logo IconAs much as estimating sales goes, this application obtains just–. In the UK, JungleScout over-estimated my sales by about 2.5 times, while Unicorn Smasher overstated by 7-12 times! Possibly it’s difficult to approximate sales in UK?

Well, in the USA, JungleScout is relatively precise with 20%+- distinction from actual figures. Unicorn Smasher, it virtually appears like it takes completely random numbers, some a lot higher, some a lot less than real sales. Generally, really imprecise.

So my decision for Unicorn Smasher is not so excellent. Ok, it’s cost-free, but the device is no good if it’s not exact.

JungleScout is primarily an item quest device that will absolutely aid you in choosing a profitable particular niche on Amazon in addition to assisting you in discovering lucrative Amazon products.

Let’s dive in.

Helium 10 Xray Icon In the graph for historic sales, you can see a general trend, if the sales trend is going up or down. For this info to be effective, you have to look at least 1 year worth of data, so that you don’t think the trend is down, if Christmas just passed and you’re looking at January.

We have actually curated the checklist of leading 15+ Best Jungle Alternative to try in 2020 & past.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Chrome expansion attaches itself to your web browser after that runs when you accessibility Amazon. It’s crafted to swiftly accumulate market knowledge information from a certain page then educate you regarding a product’s review count, approximated sales, cost, etc- for aid you contrast your choices.

Unlike the Chrome extension, you’ll start with a collection of requirements. Eventually, you’ll end up with high margin item suggestions plus the capability to snoop on your competitors’ activities over a prolonged period of time.

Fundamentally, you begin with items before producing their respective metrics. After opening a search web page on Amazon, you’ll be able to evaluate the variety of sales each item is attracting. That makes it ideal when you have an idea concerning what you intend to handle.

Unicorn Smasher Logo IconThe only extra area it has that JungleScout doesn’t is Variations. They all show ‘1’, even if the product has variations, so I guess it does not really work. I am quite disappointed with Unicorn Smasher.

Jungle Scout Web App

The web application, on the other hand, assists you to infiltrate Amazon’s data source using criteria like sales, price, category, as well as much more. The primary goal right here is establishing encouraging items that are relatively concealed within Amazon’s substantial stock.


If you’re looking for Jungle Scout Alternative after that you’re at the appropriate place, don’t stress. The most effective part is that we have likewise consisted of a few of the free along with paid choices to Jungle Scout that you can give a try.

JungleScout vs. Helium 10 Xray

There’s the concern with price plans. At $39 to $99 per month for the web application and $97 or $197 one-off settlement for the Chrome extension, some individuals have suggested that Jungle Scout could be a little bit costly for its functions.

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