All you know about Windows hosting

For websites using Microsoft Exchange or .NET and ASP script, a hosting solution on Windows can offer significant advantages (at premium rates).

The low-cost hosting is mostly on Linux servers, but Linux platform is not best suited to everyone’s requirement. It does not support ASP or .NET. You need a Window driven host to support these languages. Well, there are some more reasons to disapprove Linux based web hosting.

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We must know that there is one myth about Window Server. For a Window computer or laptop, you do not require a Window Server. The Web hosting is not dependent on your computer set-up at the office or home. It is entirely independent of the equipment setup.

Selecting a hosting plan for your business is a complicated task. You will discover different platforms like Linux or Windows as well as different resource allocations and capacities. Windows and Linux both have various versions that you can choose.

Hence, before you sign up for any hosting plan, you are required to think about which web hosting you would prefer- Window driven web hosting or a Linux based web hosting, for your website.

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The majority of websites in the world use a Linux platform for their hosting. Therefore, while Linux operating system is an excellent platform for general purpose, Window OS is required for specific technologies and applications. Windows hosting

Where Windows Hosting is required?

For any application based on .NET framework, a Window server is required. Particularly, if anything is written in ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET languages, Window-driven server is a necessity.

Window Server is also required in case you are dealing with VB (Visual Basics), C# or ColdFusion.

Window Server is also necessary if you are using any Microsoft product such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint. These are all window-based solutions. The designing content of SharePoint is also included in these solutions.

If you want the legacy host content to be built in the Microsoft FrontPage, it is always advisable to use the Window-driven server. Microsoft can support the FrontPage extensions required.

The Cases Where Windows Do Not Work

Linux is a better choice in case you have used CGI, PHP, Python or Perl.

It is because Linux is an all-rounder platform for many languages. Windows can install WordPress, but it is always recommended to use Linux for WordPress as it provides far more documentation and support that can help you to resolve any problem that can arise.

Contact your web host to check what kind of databases they are offering. Linux Server runs on MySQL whereas a Window Server uses MSSQL and to some extent, MS Access also.

You should prefer the Linux hosting, in case you are going to need SSH into the Server.

Control Panels

The control panels in hosting vary in different hosts. We recommend you to stick to the control panel about which you know. If you know about using Plesk and you feel it is productive enough, then you should be aware that many Window hosts, as well as some Linux hosts, are there that support Plesk. However, in case you prefer WHM or a cPanel, you must look for a Linux Server web hosting provider.

DirecAdmin is also one of the common control panels for Window server, other than Plesk.

One great feature that Window web hosting offers is the ability to work with Remote Desktop application directly from your PC or Mac to your Window Server. This function is usually provided in dedicated server plans only.All you know about Windows hosting

Windows Hosting – Pros and Cons

All web hosting plans allow your simple website to get online. However, it is always recommended to select Linux based hosting over Window hosting, unless there are specific reasons for choosing Window based hosting.

On the other side, Window hosting:

  • Supports the scripting languages we have already discussed.
  • Easy to use and requires less interaction with the command line.
  • As stable as Linux if it is managed properly by the web host.
  • Very easy to maintain and update than Linux, especially in case you are new to hosting

Do not go for Windows hosting in case:

  • You need Apache or a specific Apache module
  • The script required is written in PHP language, as it is usually easy to use PHP on the Linux platform.
  • You want an inexpensive and affordable shared hosting as per your requirements. Windows hosting is always more expensive, and the monthly subscription bill can ruin your budget plan.
  • WordPress Support on Windows is not easy to handle, and it may require custom configuration, which is far difficult to control.
  • In case, you want to customize your server
  • You want to stay loyal to a particular hosting company. Not all hosts provide Windows hosting


For people who are willing to pay more expenses for their website hosting, window-based hosting offers a stable platform for making the robust websites and Internet applications.

Do write to us which windows hosting provider you selected for your website.

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